søndag, januar 01, 2012

2011 - the year in knitting (in english)

- I knit, and crocheted, quite a lot in 2011, I´m actually impressed myself and just hope I can get something near as much done in the new year. The 13,220kg of yarn I used up was made into 107 projects, thus divided. For children 12 years and under: 8 pairs mittens and socks - 5 hats - 11 tunics, dresses and sweaters. For adults: 45 pairs mittens and socks - 6 sweaters, vest and poncho - 8 hats - 11 scarves, shawles and neckwarmer. Other stuff: 2 kid´s blankets - 1 doll´s dress - 8 kitchen towels - 1 big blanket - 45 pcs of crocheted christmas tree ornaments (count as one project). Not bad if I may say so myself, and I may on my own blog! Thank you for all your comments and praise here on the blog in 2011 and I look forward to share with you this new year of 2012.

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vonnie sagde ...

Happy New Year of 2012!
Your blog is always inspiring to me.
We briefly visited Iceland and Rekjavik last July and your blog is even more appreciated and lovely to me.
Thank you.